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    Parathyroid surgery from Melbourne’s experienced surgeon

    When you come to Jane Harding Endocrine Surgeon for a consultation, you’ll be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire and administration form upon arrival. We also ask that you bring along the following items:

    • A doctor’s referral
    • Any CT scans or X-rays you may have

    Your consultation

    During your initial consultation, Dr Harding will discuss your condition with you and the reason for referral.  A thorough history will be taken and relevant examination performed.  Any results and/or scans will be reviewed.

    Depending on the results of these, further tests may be required, which will be discussed with you. Dr Harding will then draw up a personalised management plan for your condition, explaining the rationale behind this and answering any queries you may have.

    The management plan may involve surgery, which will be discussed in detail before proceeding.


    If you wish to contact Dr Harding about your condition or management plan after your visit, then you can contact her for further discussion. Dr Harding is committed to providing a personalised and friendly service that is both effective and delivered promptly, and will always do what she can to ensure that you receive the best treatment.

    Call Dr Jane Harding today on 03 8415 1655 or
    03 9385 2285 or 03 9579 0100 for more details about parathyroid surgery in Melbourne.

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